The Southeastern Librarian

The Southeastern Librarian (SELn) is the official publication of the Southeastern Library Association (SELA). The quarterly publication seeks to publish articles, announcements, and news of professional interest to the library community in the southeast. The publication also represents a significant means for addressing the Association's research objective. Two newsletter-style issues serve as a vehicle for conducting Association business, and two issues include juried articles.

Guidelines for Article Reviewers

The Southeastern Librarian (SELn) is a refereed journal using double-blind refereeing of articles before publication. The editor assigns manuscripts to at least two reviewers who receive the manuscript with no direct information on the author or the author's affiliation. Reviewers address the content and style of the manuscript.

  • Read and return manuscripts to the editor within three to four weeks.
  • Make suggested revisions in ink on the manuscript.
  • Complete a SELn article review sheet (Word or PDF). The most important part of marking a manuscript is to provide concrete, specific examples for the author. For example, rather than suggesting that a writer eliminate unnecessary words or tighten organization, provide an example. For organizational weaknesses, numbering the paragraphs to indicate which should come first, second, or last may be helpful. Providing such specifics will reduce the number of revisions needed to bring an article to publication.
  • Supply citations, when possible, to any significant information that the author might use or cite in the piece to strengthen it and make it more relevant to readers.


  • prefer use of active voice
  • shorter sentences and paragraphs and varied sentence structure are encouraged
  • contractions, if not overused, are fine
  • avoid use of jargon and acronyms, define all terms


  • well researched (check footnotes)
  • factually correct (check names, dates, places)
  • relevance to the audience
  • timeliness of the topic

For more information about SELA's The Southeastern Librarian, please contact Perry Bratcher, SELn Editor, 263 Steely Library, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY 41099. Phone: (859) 572-6309. Fax: (859) 572-6181. E-mail: