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Rothrock Award

Mary Rothrock
Mary Utopia Rothrock
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To honor a librarian who has contributed substantially to the furtherance of librarianship in the southeast during a career.


The Rothrock Award was established in 1976 from the will of Mary Rothrock. It was sent to the SELA President on February 11, 1976, and stated, "I bequeath $10,000.00 to the SELA, the income from which shall be used to establish a biennial award. The recipient of this award is to be designated by a committee of the Association from among librarians of the Southeastern States, and chosen for exceptional contribution to library development in the Southeast." The committee shall be appointed by the President of SELA and shall include librarians from varying member states of SELA. The recipient of this award has always been kept secret until the actual presentation is made during the conference.


  1. The age and years of service should not be a deciding factor in the selection.
  2. Service in one or more states of the southeast would qualify a person for nomination for the award.
  3. The award should be made to only one person in any biennium, and, if no deserving person is nominated, an award may be omitted for that biennium.
  4. Nomination must be made by an SELA member.

Please provide name of nominee, nominee's phone/email, mailing address, SELA member making nomination, member phone/email, signature, date and supporting biographical information.

Submit nominations along with any supporting biographical material, to any member of the Rothrock Award committee by August 25, 2014..

Previous SELA Rothrock Award Winners List

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