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SELA Organization

Q: What does SELA stand for?

A: Southeastern Library Association and includes the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Q: What is the history of SELA?

A: See the History web page

Q: What activities is SELA involved in?

A: Working with different state library associations and who are members of SELA. During the odd years, a Leadership Conference is convened. The Officers, Board of Directors, State Representatives, and other SELA leadership members meet to discuss the functionality of SELA, the upcoming Biennial Conference, and any other business that need to be discussed and worked on.

Q: How can I find out the officers of the SELA?

A: The SELA Leadership Directory lists all the Association’s officers, and the individuals who serve on the different committees, roundtables, and sections. The information includes the name of the chair and vice chair, and the committee members. Listed is the name of the institution they work at, their address, email, and phone number(s).

Sections and Roundtables

Q: What is the difference between a Section and Round Table?

A: Article IV. Administration and Organization Section 5. Committees, Sections, Round Tables: b. Sections representing fields of interests of the Association and Roundtables representing interests not encompassed by the Sections may be formed and recognized as a part of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws. For more information on Committees, Sections, Round Tables see SELA’s Constitution located in the Handbook PDF File (230KB).

Scholarships and Awards

Q: May I suggest someone for one of the different awards presented by SELA?

A: Yes, you would contact the chair of the Awards Committee.

Q: Who is eligible for the SELA Scholarship: Ginny Frankenthaler Memorial Scholarship in Library Science?

A: Beginning professional librarians who possess potential for leadership and commitment to service in libraries in the Southeastern United States*. For further information regarding the Ginny Frankenthalerl Memorial Scholarship in Library Science, see the Scholarship Web Page.

Q: Who is eligible for the Honorary SELA Membership Award

A: The Honorary SELA Membership Award is conferred upon living individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Association or to library development in the Southeast. For the criteria and further information see the Honorary SELA Membership Award page.

Q: What is the purpose of the Outstanding Southeastern Authors Awards

A: To recognize authors in states of the SELA for current works of literary merit. For the criteria regarding this awared, see the Outstanding Southeastern Authors Award page.

Q: What is the purpose of the Charles  E. Beard Award?

A: To honor an individual outside the library profession who has made a significant contribution to the development or promotion of libraries in the Southeast. For guidelines and criteria, see the Charles E. Beard Award page.

Q: What is the purpose of the Rothrock Award

A: To acknowledge the exceptional contribution of an individual to library development in the Southeast. For criteria for the award, see the Rothrock Award page.


Q: Who can join SELA?

A: Anyone who is connected with a library or an organization serving libraries, retired library employees, and library science students.

Q: How do I join SELA?

A: The Membership Form PDF File (100 KB) isavailable online in PDF format on the Membership page.

Q: How much does it cost to become a member?

A: Membership fees vary; see the Membership form PDF File (100 KB) for more information.

Q: What is included in my SELA membership?

A: Your SELA membership includes the opportunity to run for a leadership position within the Association, a subscription to SELA’s peer reviewed journal The Southeastern Librarian, and affiliation in TWO (2) Sections/Round Tables. (Note that if you wish to add a third and/or fourth affiliation, there is a charge of $10.00 for each additional section affiliation. See the "Membership/Dues" section above.)

Article Submission

Q: How do I submit an article to SELA’s peer reviewed journal, The Southeastern Librarian?

A: See the Southeastern Librarian's Guidelines for Submission.

Q: Does SELA have yearly conferences?

A: No, SELA has Biennial Conferences (every other year).

Q: How much are the biennial conference registration fees?

A: The cost of attending the SELA Biennial Conference may change from. conference to conference. As the conference nears, current registration fees will be posted to the SELA web site.

Q: Can I pay online using a credit card?

A: Yes, you can pay either by credit card, check, money order or cash.

Volunteer Opportunities

Q: How can I volunteer with SELA?

A: There are many opportunities to volunteer with SELA (i.e. running for elected office, helping at the Biennial Conference, and serving on a committee, roundtable, section). Contact the Vice-President/ President-Elect about current opportunities. Listserv

Q: How do I subscribe to/unsubscribe from the SELA listserv? Q: My message did not post to the SELA listsev, whom do I notify?

A: The SELA listserv is a closed list. Contact Selma Jaskowski at for assistance.