Patriotism and Self Study-The 1940's

Federal aid continued to receive attention at the 1940 Savannah meeting. Both the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Works Progress Administration had proved the benefits to be derived through federal programs. By this time the association needed some reorganization and necessary committees were appointed. However, it was necessary to suspend conferences during World War II and changes could not be effected immediately. Some programs were continued and a survey of the size and effectiveness of southern libraries, jointly sponsored by SELA and TVA Library Council, was undertaken. Information from questionnaires sent to libraries and library agencies, compiled by Dr. Louis Round Wilson and Marion Milczewski, was published in 1949 as Libraries in the Southeast.

Reorganization again received attention at the 1946 Asheville conference, and two major committees were appointed. The Publications Committee was to investigate the publishing of studies affecting regional librarianship and the feasibility of issuing a quarterly journal; the Activities Committee was to revise the constitution. Their reports were approved at the Louisville (1948) Conference and provided for annual meetings, a headquarters office, a full-time executive secretary, and a quarterly journal.