The Federal Period-The 1960's

Advances in this decade were directly attributable to major federal legislation, the impact of which was discussed at board meetings, workshops and conferences throughout the 1960's.

The Southern Conference of State Directors of Public and School Library Programs (August 1960) was an attempt to promote better working relationships between these two agencies. Chaired by Lucille Nix, trends affecting the two fields and their areas of shared responsibility were emphasized.

The Asheville Conference (1960) was preceded by two workshops on facilities: the Public Library Building Institute was held at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, and the College Library Buildings Institute was held at Western Carolina College. This Conference featured at the Book Dinner Jonathan Daniels' October Recollections of Thomas Wolfe. Recognized as a minor classic, it was subsequently published in a limited edition by two SELA members, Emma Bostick and Fant Thornley.

Before the 1962 conference three noteworthy workshops were held: Recruiting for Librarianship in the Southeast, planned by I. T. Littleton of North Carolina State; Library Education, emphasizing conformity in undergraduate education, directed by Dorothy Ryan of the University of Tennessee; and Library Service to Business and Industry, a preconference of the Memphis meeting. At the 1962 conference the Reference Services Section reported on the just-completed survey of interlibrary loan services in all types of libraries.

At the 1964 conference in Norfolk, the Sections were for the first time responsible for planning the general sessions.

Following the passage of the Higher Education Act, the officers represented the Association at many workshops concerning the Title II programs and its allocations.

A workshop on Interlibrary Cooperation in 1967 to assist in implementation of Title III of the Library Services and Construction Act was led by Cora Paul Bomar, Lucile Nix and Mary Edna Anders. It was during this year that John Hall Jacobs died, the only president to die in office. Vice-President Bomar had been acting in his behalf and automatically assumed the presidency. A special election was held to fill the vacancy for Vice-President/President-Elect.

The first workshop on Library Automation was held in Gatlinburg in 1968. The conference that Fall in Miami drew 980 registrants and 137 exhibits; the membership reached 3,085, the largest number on record.