SELA Mentoring Program

SELA Mentoring Program

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What is a Mentee?

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Program Description - Mentoring Program*

*A number of items found in this document were developed after reading the Florida Library Association's Mentoring Program.

The SELA Mentoring Program has been established in order to provide a method of introducing and encouraging librarians and other library personnel to work together, to network and to support the SELA organization. Mentors are current members of the association who have agreed to help other members learn about the profession in general and more specifically about the different aspects of SELA and how it functions. The development of a professional relationship between the mentor and mentee is one of the many benefits of the SELA Mentoring Program. The long-term goal of the SELA Mentoring Program is to create an interest in librarians and library personnel working together to and create a dynamic professional organization for learning.

On the membership form, members of the association are given the opportunity to join the mentoring program and have a mentor assigned to them. Existing members will have the opportunity to participate in the mentoring program by choosing to become a mentor on their renewal form. Mentors will normally share job titles and/or responsibilities with the mentee in order to provide a more comprehensive relationship.

The Mentoring Committee will pair mentors with their mentee. Mentors will be provided an email address for their mentee in order to make first contact. The members will be provided the contact information for their mentor to facilitate the introductory process. This information will be delivered to individuals with their membership/renewal information.