SELA Mentoring Program

SELA Mentoring Program

Program Description

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What is a Mentor?

What is a Mentee?

Mentoring Committee

Time Line

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Required Activities for Mentors and Mentees

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Appendix: Forms and Brochures

What is a Mentee?

A SELA mentee or a person being mentored is a librarian, library science student, or library assistants/support staff/paralibrarians seeking professional advice and guidance from an experienced library professional in order to achieve success in his/her new position or profession.

  • Be a SELA member.
  • Be a professional librarian, library science student or library assistants/support staff/paralibrarians.
  • Minimum commitment of one year to program.*
  • Willingness to communicate with mentor as often as necessary, at least 4-6 times during the year.
  • Practice problem solving and listening skills
  • Meet colleagues with varied experiences, skills, and contacts
  • Learn what SELA has to offer
  • Network with others in your field from various places
  • Become a future mentor for other professionals
  • Communicate effectively with mentor at least 4-6 times per year
  • Take initiative and seek professional advice from the mentor when needed
  • Know and be able to discuss your needs and objectives with mentor
  • Take responsibility for your career goals.
  • Receive feedback from mentor objectively
  • Submit a a report/survey monkey every 6 months about the mentoring program and your relationship with the individual that mentored you to the Chair of the Mentoring Committee.
* If both the mentee and mentor agree, the mentoring program could be extended to a second year.