Charles E. Beard Award

The Southeastern Library Association is accepting nominations for the SELA Charles E Beard Award (formerly President's Award). The purpose of the award is to honor an individual outside the library profession who has made a significant contribution to the development or promotion of libraries in the Southeast. The President's Award was established by the Executive Board of SELA in March, 1988. The Charles E. Beard Award Committee is appointed by the President of SELA and shall include members from a variety of states in SELA.

Criteria and Guidelines

The award is given to an individual outside the library profession who has made a significant contribution to Southeastern libraries in one or more states. The award will be made to one person in a biennium, typically at the SELA conference. If no suitable nomination is received, may be omitted for that biennium. Nomination must be made by an SELA member. The recipient need not be a member of the association.

Required information

Persons nominating an individual should forward the nomination form, and a resume of the nominee including professional/business and association activities, membership in civic organizations, writings if pertinent, single events and or other honors received. The person making the nomination will include a short statement outlining the nominee's major contribution(s) to the Librarianship in the Southeast. Supporting documentation such as articles in local, statewide and national press, brochures, correspondence, letters of commendation, etc... are welcome and encouraged.

Contact Information

E. Lorene Flanders,
Chair, Charles E. Beard Award Committee
Executive Director, University of South Alabama Libraries
Mobile, Alabama

Previous Charles E. Beard Award (President's Award) Winners

Nomination Form

Deadline for submission of nomination: May 01,2024

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