Planning and Development Committee

The Vice-President/President-Elect and the Immediate Past President serve on this committee, the latter serving as Board liaison and reporter.


To serve as the overall strategic planning agency of the Association.


  • To identify trends and issues of concern to libraries and librarians in the Southeastern region.
  • To recommend a long-range plan to the SELA Executive Board.
  • To identify additional sources of support for the Association.
  • To collect strategic plans from member states.


This committee was established by the Executive Board in 1958 as an outgrowth of the Resources Committee at the recommendation of the Committee on Committees. Its charge in 1969 was "to suggest to SELA its areas of concern and activity." At one point it was charged with the exploration of possible sources of financial aid; at another it was to work closely with the Legislative Committee so that needed legislation may be enacted. Its name was changed in 1991 from Library Development Committee to the Planning and Development Committee.